The AdjusterMurry Phaniff is a 46-year-old insurance adjuster living in the small town of Ipswich just north of Boston. After a happy marriage of ten years, Murry’s wife Eleanor succumbed to a brain tumor. That was eight years ago and ever since Murry has engaged in the practice of not only adjusting people’s insurance needs, but also their lives when necessary.

When an elderly couple required his services after a tree fell on their garage, he discovered that they were being systematically targeted by a scam artist who preyed on the elderly to make bogus investments in gold futures. Murry made arrangements to entrap the confidence man with the help of the local Sheriff and through their combined efforts, the heartless criminal landed in prison where he was murdered by his fellow inmates who frown on the practice of taking advantage of the elderly.

On a trip to Las Vegas to attend a biannual National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters Conference at the Flamingo Casino, Murry’s extracurricular adjusting gets him involved with a beautiful woman and a double homicide for which he is the prime suspect.
Murry must flee from the police and with the help of his brilliant young assistant they must find the killer before becoming the next victims. The hunt takes them to the San Francisco Bay area where a mysterious stranger intervenes to save their lives.

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American Ground

American Ground

A new edition of American Ground: the journey is now available from Amazon. It features a new cover and improved image quality on the interior. The text is unchanged.

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The Snowman

The Snowman

So far, it’s been a winter of crime novels, especially if they are Norwegian. Here’s what I’ve been into lately. Click on Responses (above) if you have any suggestions for other books or just want to share your thoughts about any of these books.

Out Stealing Horses, Per Petterson. Dark, engaging, 1st person narrative set in post war Norway.

The Snowman, The Devil’s Star, Nemesis, The Redbreast, Jo Nesbø. Definitely my favorite Scandinavian crime writer who’s novels feature an always on the brink police investigator Harry Hole. I enjoyed them all.

Don’t Look Back, He Who Fears the Wolf, The Water’s Edge, The Indian Bride, When the Devil Holds the Candle. Karren Fossum. Inspector Sejer series: another very well developed Norwegian Cop. As with the Nesbø books, the plots are engaging and complex.

 The Man in My Basement, Cinnamon Kiss, Fear of the Dark, Walter Mosley. Well crafted and interesting plots featuring carefully developed characters.

Never Too Old, Roy Rowen. Advice from a 90 year old on how to conduct your life. Little useful advice and way too much about what a full and wonderful life he has had. Made me feel old.

Sign of the Anasazi, Mark Lieberman. I’ll let you know.

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