1 classical rosette end wedge back.tuning 01 form 02.2 glueing kerfing 02.1 build guitar 04 glueing fan braces 05 finished top 03 glueing top braces 07 glueing on top&back 06 label 11 end cap 08 cutting binding channels 09 binding channel 14 gluebridge 13.1 Filling the pores 13.2 French polish back & sides 12.2 Installing fretwire 12.1 Gluing Fretboard 15 glue.bridge


  2 Responses to “Classical Guitar Build Complete”

  1. Beautiful and impressive piece of work Carl.

  2. This guitar is masterful in every respect. It is the best sounding guitar I’ve ever played! Thank you for making it Carl, and for allowing me to play it!

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