Book Collection

Beginning as a photography student at Rochester Institute of Technology and as a museum assistant and student of Nathan Lyons at the (then) George Eastman House, I have been collecting books at a modest rate. That was well over fifty years ago and the collection has swelled and shrunk depending on my circumstances. One would think that I would have amassed thousands over that long a span of years, but the truth is that I have been a lazy collector, and not particularly interested in housing and maintaining such a demanding enterprise. Rather, I have concentrated on acquiring those few books that struck my fancy regardless of their potential value as collectables.

Many of the books I have collected have come from museum bookshops while someĀ  are “printer’s samples” since I have owned and operated several small printing, color separation, and consulting enterprises over the years, while still others were gifts from the authors.

Recently my health has taken a significant downturn and I have become motivated to find a good home for the books I own. I don’t have the energy or interest in selling these books as individual items.

As a result, I have undertaken to create an illustrated catalog of my collection, which more or less describes their condition and other pertinent details. The prices listed are the generally agreed upon retail prices from dealers.

I expect the books outlined in these pages to be acquired by dealers at wholesale prices for whatever groups of books is of interest. The groups are organized somewhat haphazardly and I invite you to reorganize, within reason, if you have strong interests in any of the items.

Please use the contact form to communicate your interest or questions you have regarding this divestiture.