Walking Through Shadows – hardcopy edition

Walking Through Shadows

Walking Through Shadows

Walking Through Shadows is the full account of an out of shape  American’s pilgrimage  to Santiago de Compostela  in North West Spain.  Generously illustrated with over 150 of the author’s B&W photographs, the daily journal  chronicles  the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges  encountered on this 36  day journey  of 500 miles on foot. He retraces the route taken by countless pilgrims since 1000 a.d. Carl Sesto is a photographer and book artist who undertook this life-changing pilgrimage while on a sabbatical from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where he has taught for 20 years. Carl is a professional photographer, and it shows in the photographs he has used. caminosantiagocompostela.com One of the most important camino diaries for me from the photographer Carl Sesto. FotoCaminoSantiago ISBN: 978-0-9828916-4-3 Second Edition

15.24cm x 22.86cm (6 x 9 inches)
256 black & white pages/color cover
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  3 Responses to “Walking Through Shadows – hardcopy edition”

  1. Hi Carl,
    I just finished reading your book and I really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I couldn’t wait to read it every night while John was watching “Ghost Rider” or some other violent guy movie on TV. I was vicariously traveling along with you. It was great!

    Thanks again,

    PS This was my personal email to Carl (above) but if you are considering buying this book please do! Carl’s clear and concise, easy to read writing style draws you in and leaves you with a real sense of the journey, along with its many challenges and rewards. A very absorbing book. I highly recommend it!

  2. This book gets to the heart of the physical and emotional challenges facing any lengthy journey made on foot. The spiritual nature of this walk only adds depth to the experience. Travelers will enjoy and relate to the feelings and readers will enjoy the prose. Shadows is well written and will make you want to dust off your boots in preparation for your next adventure. I really want to know what happened to the “bed people.”

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